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The first step selling your home is finding a Realtor. Some questions you should ask to determine if he or she is a good fit for you...How do they plan on marketing your property? What is my home's value and how did they determine that?  Will they be holding open houses? How much commission will they be charging?  Do they understand what your needs are regarding the sale of this property? A CBA Realtor is available now to take your call to discuss your plans and goals, and to lay out the process that is ahead of you. 714-322-1537

Get your home ready for sale

When selling your home, how well you prepare your home for the market will directly affect how much it sells for.  Here are some tips to help you get started: 

First Impressions - A clean driveway, freshly mown lawn and trimmed hedges will work wonders.  Does the home need a paint job, are there any broken windows? Sometimes just cleaning the windows and doors can make a big difference.

Cleanliness Counts - One of the key factors that influences a buyer is cleanliness, a clean kitchen and bathrooms is critical.  Carpets are also important, at the very least have them cleaned. 

Less is More - Remove clutter and donate unnecessary furniture, this will make each room appear larger.  

Repairs - Time to fix those nagging little repairs that have been hanging over your head: the dripping faucet, the squeaky steps, the torn screen.  These small repairs will pay big dividends in the end. 

Our Realtors can guide you through this with on staff interior designers and staging experts, all part of our real estate services

Here come the buyers!

Now that you've done a beautiful job preparing your home, you are ready to list.  You should do whatever you can to make your home available to show as much as possible.  The more people you get in there to see, the more likely you will get offers.  Here are some ideas for maximizing showings:

Supra - Your Realtor should have a supra box installed on your front door so that other Realtors are able to access the property.  This is better than a combination lock box, you never know who has obtained that combination and has access to your home. Supra boxes are the most secure way to ensure only licensed professionals are entering your home.

Set showing times - If possible, set aside several hours a day when nobody is home, so that buyers and their agents can go directly without having to coordinate timing with multiple parties.  

Frequent Open Houses - Have your Realtor hold multiple open houses and to advertise those open houses in as many ways as possible.  Open houses are a great way for buyers who aren't working with an agent to see properties.

Be Flexible - Even if you have set aside regular showing times, try to accommodate individual requests as best as you can. You never know if that is going to be that perfect buyer.  

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